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This is a guide on using the GOV.UK Design System Form Builder

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Fieldsets are used to group related form elements. They are added automatically by the radio button, checkbox and date helpers but can be manually applied to other groups where applicable.

A fieldset for capturing an address

A common use case for fieldsets is grouping address fields. The individual components of an address don’t really make sense alone so grouping them is a logical step. The grouping also improves the experience for screen reader users, the screen reader will announce the legend before reading the individual field labels.


= f.govuk_fieldset legend: { text: 'Where do you live?' } do
  = f.govuk_text_field :address_one,   width: 'one-half',    label: { text: 'House number and street' }
  = f.govuk_text_field :address_two,   width: 'one-half',    label: { text: 'Town', hidden: true }
  = f.govuk_text_field :address_three, width: 'one-half',    label: { text: 'City' }
  = f.govuk_text_field :postcode,      width: 'one-quarter', label: { text: 'Postcode' }

Rendered output

Where do you live?

HTML output

<fieldset class="govuk-fieldset">
  <legend class="govuk-fieldset__legend govuk-fieldset__legend--m">
    <h1 class="govuk-fieldset__heading">
      Where do you live?
  <div class="govuk-form-group">
    <label for="person-address-one-field" class="govuk-label">
      House number and street
    <input id="person-address-one-field" class="govuk-input govuk-!-width-one-half" type="text" name="person[address_one]" />
  <div class="govuk-form-group">
    <label for="person-address-two-field" class="govuk-label">
      <span class="govuk-visually-hidden">
    <input id="person-address-two-field" class="govuk-input govuk-!-width-one-half" type="text" name="person[address_two]" />
  <div class="govuk-form-group">
    <label for="person-address-three-field" class="govuk-label">
    <input id="person-address-three-field" class="govuk-input govuk-!-width-one-half" type="text" name="person[address_three]" />
  <div class="govuk-form-group">
    <label for="person-postcode-field" class="govuk-label">
    <input id="person-postcode-field" class="govuk-input govuk-!-width-one-quarter" type="text" name="person[postcode]" />